Change to Direct Deposit Enrollment Process - Coming Soon...

posted Jan 29, 2016, 7:09 AM by David Ray
The State Auditor's Office is undertaking a project to enhance the accounting interface from our Payroll system to our Financial system (WOLFS).  As part of this process we are evaluating the recommended best practices for our software application.  One of the issues that has come out of that review is the accounting for our employee's Net Pay Distribution.

Currently, we enroll our employees in direct deposit using the NPD (Net Pay Distribution) document for their primary account and using the MISC (miscellaneous deductions) document for any additional checking/savings direct deposit(s) to secondary account(s).  This is not inline with the recommended best practices within our software application for the payroll accounting interface.

As a result, we will be making a change to our direct deposit enrollment process.  This change will take affect following the February payroll.  We will be enrolling our employees (primary/secondary accounts) in direct deposit using the NPD document.  We will no longer be using the MISC document to enroll employees in direct deposit for their secondary accounts (additional checking/savings accounts).  The lone exception for the MISC document will be the HSA (Health Savings Account) deduction.  This direct deposit will still be maintained using the MISC document, as it is today.

In conjunction with this new business process we will also be making a policy change.  As a result of this change in process an employee must have a primary account in order to establish the direct deposit to any secondary account(s).  So, moving forward each employee must either be all direct deposit (including primary & secondary accounts) or no direct deposit at all.

We will be providing training material/procedures for using the NPD document to maintain these secondary accounts very soon.  Please look for an announcement via e-mail to our Payroll users e-mail distribution list in the coming days.