About the Office of the State Auditor

The Office of the State Auditor has existed since Wyoming’s territorial days, and has
been a constitutional position since Wyoming’s statehood. One of the five elected
officials for the State of Wyoming, the Auditor serves as the chief
comptroller and payroll officer. The Auditor protects public money by ensuring that
it is properly accounted for in the most efficient and cost effective means at all
times. Promoting transparency and financial accountability are the Auditor’s top

The State Auditor’s Office maintains Wyoming’s uniform computer accounting system or WOLFS
(Wyoming Online Financial System). WOLFS provides agencies the means to process all
payments made by the state and assists agencies in accounting for public money. The
system also processes paychecks for state employees each month, including patient
and inmate workers in the state’s institutions, legislators, judges, board members
and members of the Wyoming National Guard.

The Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) of the State of Wyoming is produced
by the Auditor’s office annually. This report illustrates the state’s financial
condition for the public and the legislature. For twenty-one years, Wyoming’s ACFR
has been recognized by the Government Finance Officers Association for its
excellence in financial reporting.

The Auditor serves alongside the Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer and
Superintendent of Public Instruction on the State Loan and Investment Board, the
Board of Land Commissioners, and the State Building Commission. The Auditor also serves on the Wyoming Stable Token Commission.  These boards deal with matters as diverse and vital as management of state lands, policy direction of the investment of state permanent funds, and oversight of state buildings.

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