Feature Sets

ADV4 Feature Sets

ADV4 Upgrade

In 2023, the Wyoming State Auditor’s Office upgraded the State of Wyoming’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which consists of the Wyoming Online Financial System (WOLFS), Human Resource Management (HRM) and InfoAdvantage, from version 3.11 to version 4.0.

WOLFS is the financial component of the ERP system, HRM is the human resource management and payroll component and infoAdvantage is the reporting component. 

The ADV4 upgrade has been great for many reasons, but the biggest benefit of the upgrade is that the State of Wyoming will never have to go through a formal upgrade ever again!  Instead, we will now receive mini-releases of new and updated functionally three times a year.  Each release will provide a set of fixes, enhancements, security updates, and new features and functionality. This “mini-release” approach allows us to keep regulatory changes, implement fixes for defects, and add cool new settings the second they become available – without additional cost to the State.  

Feature Sets

The official language of a mini-release is called a Feature Set. These Feature Sets are numbered 1-3 and are assigned to each calendar year. Feature Set 2 for 2023 (or FS2-2023) was delivered into production (the live environment that you use to record your timesheet, complete transactions, look up vendors, etc.) in November. Prior to receiving this feature set, the SAO tested and confirmed that all features, settings, and enhancements were working properly as designed before implementing and communicating changes to users. FS3-2023 will be delivered in January, 2024. 

Feature Set Deployment Schedule

FS2-2023:            November 6, 2023
FS3-2023:             January 5, 2024
FS1-2024:              April, 2024
FS2-2024:             August, 2024
FS3-2024:             November, 2024

ADV4 Feature Set Communications

In an effort to educate users, while also being fully transparent with new features and settings, our office will be continually and frequently notifying users of feature set changes. Even when the changes are good, like most of them are, unexpected changes can cause confusion. To mitigate any surprises, our office will be sending out routine communications prior to each feature set release.  We will also provide additional documentation or videos (which will be added to the training library) regarding new functionality.  You can expect that as we continue to receive these feature sets, we will work on providing education on the changes, so users stay up to date on the availability of new technology. 

FS2-2023: November 6th Notice
FS3-2023: January 5th Notice

ADV4 Feature Set Questions

If you have questions about new functionality or need additional assistance after a feature set release, please contact the helpdesks!  We are also happy to provide customized trainings to agencies who would like more in-depth information. 

Contact the WOLFS Helpdesk here: SAOWOLFSHelpDesk@wyo.gov.
Contact the Payroll Helpdesk here: SAOPayrollHelpDesk@wyo.gov