Workers’ Compensation Accruals

Agency: Department of Workforce Services

The State Auditor’s Office is preparing for the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report.  We are requesting information on Workers’ Compensation Accounts Receivable Delinquent Accounts, Case Cost Liability, and Deductible Program. We also are requesting information regarding the Workers’ Compensation Division discount long-term/permanent indemnity disability type claims.  

This will include, but is not limited to, the following documents:

  • Monthly reports
  • FYxx WC Reports.xlsx – including the tabs and pivot tables for each month from July 20xx through September 20xx
  • FY xx Lag Report.xlsx
  • AR Collectibles spreadsheet
  • Workers’ Comp current-noncurrent expense.xlsx
  • YTD Workers Comp Income and Expense report.xls 
  • Actuary Report
  • I&E report
  • Average collection for Additional AR.xlsx 

Please have the information to us no later than September 30

Thank you for your assistance in the compilation of the State’s Annual Comprehensive Financial Report.  If there are any questions, please contact the SAO Accounting Division at (307) 777-2460  or by email at