Employee Self-Service

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When will W-2 documents be available in the Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal?
W-2’s will be available in ESS by January 31st of every year. Please watch the announcements in ESS for more information regarding the upload of W2’s to ESS.

How do I fill out a new W-4 document for tax withholding?
You will need to contact your agency Human Resource Specialist to submit a new W-4 Tax Withholding document.

Can my ESS password be reset while the monthly Payroll is processing?
Unfortunately, the ESS portal is an extension of the Payroll system and is unavailable to reset passwords while the monthly payroll is processing.

Can I reset my own ESS password?
Yes, ESS does provide a ‘Forgot My Password’ link. The forgot my password link is located on the login page.