The Governor, the State Auditor’s Office, Administration and Information (A&I), individual agencies, boards and commissions all play a role in establishing and maintaining policies and procedures related to State of Wyoming travel.  Information about per diem rates and mileage can be found below.  Information about the use of a State of Wyoming vehicle can be found on A&I’s website under motor pool.  Individual agencies, boards or commissions may also maintain travel policies, please check with your agency for internal policies, procedures or guidance.  

Per Diem Rates 

Current Federal Travel Per Diem Rates

WOLFS Travel Forms

Travel Expense Voucher – WOLFS 104 WOLFS-104 Professional Boards Travel Expense Voucher WOLFS-104C Certification statement for travel receipts lost, misplaced or not received AUD-EXP Meal Expense / Per Diem Voucher for One-Day Round Trips AUD-EXO Meal Expense / Per Diem Voucher for One-Day Round Trips – Professional Boards

Please note: Additional travel related forms may be located on the WOLFS page

How do I?

How to Complete Your Travel Voucher
How to Complete Your Board Travel Voucher
How to Complete One-Day Meal Form